My story

Thank you for passing by !

Hey, I am Agnès C, a swiss psychiatrist specializing in attention deficit disorder (ADHD), a neurobiological condition characterised by difficulties in managing time and a tendency to procrastination

In 2019, I created, inspired by time management lessons I learnt from my past experience working as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & co, a planner for my patients, to help them organise their time according to their priorities & move forward on the projects that are important to them while reducing their stress

It took me two years of tests & improvements to develop the current version of my daily planner

Because I found this planner to be helpful to many patients & friends (myself included;), and beyond the scope of attention deficit, I've decided in late 2021 to help more people take back control of their time by creating papel, a brand of planner 

I currently share my time between consultations with my patients & papel 

If you are a mental health therapist or if you are an organisation looking for a tool to improve your teams' productivity while improving their mental wellbeing, please don't hesitate to drop me an email to, I will be glad to offer you a sample, wherever on the globe you are located!